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Jockeying for Better Position

October 26, 2008

“So, you’ll at least think about it, right?”  asked Merrick, hopeful.

Kaysa walked into the room, carrying a pile of papers from the election.  She glanced at Merrick on her way past and said, “Resorting to talking to yourself, now?”

Merrick jumped, and in his zeal to cover up the mirror he was peering into he nearly toppled the stack of books next to it.  “I’m not doing anything.  Er… I mean no, I’m not talking to… I mean, yes, I was just talking to myself.”  He cleared his throat.

Kaysa put her load down, put her hands on her hips, and raised an eyebrow.  “All right, let’s hear it.  You don’t jump like that unless you’re up to no good.”

Merrick looked down at the floor sheepishly.  He cleared his throat again and meekly replied, “I was just talking to TheAuthors about the next book.”  He raised his head just enough to see her reaction.

Kaysa looked surprised.  “TheAuthors?  Really?  What did they say?”  She frowned a bit, “What did YOU say?”

“I was just… well…  Ok, first you can’t tell Tam or Alina, and especially Alcander.  Ok?”

Kaysa looked unimpressed.  “I’ll reserve judgment until after you spill it.”

“It’s just that in ‘Alina’s Gambit’ I had a small part – it was a fun role, with a little adventure, but it was a pretty small part.  I mean, nearly everyone got more page-time than me, well, except for like your folks.  Especially Alina, she seemed to be in every chapter.”

Kaysa smirked.  “Well, Mer, I would expect a book called ‘Alina’s Gambit’ to involve Alina to some goodly extent.  How would it look if Alina just showed up at the end, announced ‘Here I am!’ and called it a day?”

“I know that, and I’m not bitter or anything about Alina’s part in the book.  I was just…” the rest of his sentence trailed off in mumbles.

Kaysa stepped forward a bit, “You were just what?”

Merrick huffed, and blurted out, “I-was-just-trying-to-convince-TheAuthors-that-maybe-the-next-book-would-do-well-if-the-main-character-was-me!”  Merrick quickly closed his eyes and waited for Kaysa to start laughing.  He opened one just enough to peek out.  Kaysa was smiling, but not jeering.  “So you want a bigger role in TheSequel?”  she asked.

It took a moment for Merrick to realize that she was taking him seriously, or at least giving him an honest opportunity to explain himself.  “Well, yeah, I mean I still want to be the funny one, but I was hoping I could make some key discovery that would unravel the entire story on page six, or something like that.  You know, something that people would remember.”

“If you managed to unravel the story on page six, I think TheSequel would end up being a short story rather than a novel.”

“Ok, ok, but something like that.  You know?”

“Yes, I know.  I’m sure TheAuthors won’t forget what you did in ‘Alina’s Gambit’, and I’m sure they will give you some good parts in the next one.  Come on, we have work to do.  The future and TheSequel will work themselves out in their own time.”  She began walking out of the room, but glanced back over her shoulder.  “Besides, if you want to do something people would remember, how about letting TheAuthors record an enchantment session of yours gone wrong?  You know, give yourself rainbow-colored eyelashes or something?  I know I wouldn’t be able to forget THAT any time soon.  In fact, I would probably have nightmares.”

“Hmmm.  Rainbow-colored eyelashes.  That has potential.  Thanks Kaysa!”

Kaysa rolled her eyes and said, “Oh jeez, what have I started?”