"Alina’s Gambit" First Draft Completed

August 23, 2008

The first draft clocks in at 390 pages, 27 chapters, and just shy of 98,000 words.  What’s ironic is that the first draft has taken just under 13 months to complete, but only represents 769 KB of storage on my hard drive.  I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard for so long for a file that small.

Now comes phase two: editing.  My wife and I have been reading the early chapters and making notes about things we wanted to change and add, but the vast majority of those haven’t been incorporated yet.  Additionally, while we’ve started the second draft already, there’s only about 2 chapters worth to show for it (the prologue, all of chapter 1, and part of chapter 2).  That should hopefully speed up in a couple of weeks.

We’re going to be going on a new schedule starting this fall where we work on the novel together in the mornings before our respective days really get going.  That will be an interesting change for me.  I have historically been a morning person, but the overwhelming majority of “Alina’s Gambit” was written in the evenings.

Our goal is to get the manuscript to the point where we can start sending it out by the end of the year.  We have just over four months.  I think it will be tight, but doable.  We’ll see.


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