Home Office Reorganization – Wrapping Up

August 2, 2008

Now that my computer was organized and functional, it came time for all of the secondary tools: inbox, pens, paper, and whiteboards.

I found that the keyboard tray on the corner desk would work quite well as an inbox – someplace where I could throw paper and other items to sort into my organizational system (a modified version of David Allen’s method described in “Getting Things Done”).

Secondary Tools

The corner desk proved to also be very useful for holding things like my writing instrument tray, a pad of paper, a box facial tissue (you can never have this too close to you), and a clock.  After a few times working at the new desk I found that I also needed a small fan – while the temperature in the basement was usually comfortable, a current of moving air made it nicer when it got humid, and my arms started sticking to the desk as I typed.

The wall space to my right turned out to be perfect for my two whiteboards.


It’s a little hard to see in the picture, but the left whiteboard has a series of paper strips, fastened to the board with magnets (the colored dots), describing the major plot points of my current WIP.  Previously I had laid out the story with the board in landscape, but it fit better on the wall with its twin in portrait, so after I had my office in order I reorganized it.

In the final post in this series, I’ll describe some things that I didn’t have time for over this reorg-weekend.


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