Home Office Reorganization – Digging Out

July 9, 2008

I decided that the first thing I need to do was completely clean out the corner so I would have the room to start fresh.  As I started to do that, I had a pleasant flashback to the first time I implemented the “Getting Things Done” process that David Allen expounds.  I came in one Saturday when it would be quiet, took everyone off of my desk and began to put the pieces back one by one until everything was in its new correct place, or it had been throw out.  Today would be no different.

I decided that before I started with the disassembly I would carve out a small “notes” area – a place where I could keep notes of my progress, and put a few tools (like a measuring tape).

Next, I pulled out the three computers that have been slated for the recycling center for a while, and moved them to my work room.  (I set a reminder in my calendar to actually take them to the recycling center so that they would be out of the house for good.)  I also found a more permanent home for the several boxes of financial records.  These two steps moved the big “easy” stuff out of my way, and actually created a nice path for me to move even more stuff out.

I then swept around the desks and tables that made up my old office, and systematically sorted or removed everything.  I ended up keeping a series of piles on the floor with notes nearby like “To File”, “To Investigate”, “Knick-Knacks”, and so on.  Anything that really belonged elsewhere was shipped to elsewhere.  What was left was for me to reorganize.

EmptyLeft     EmptyRight

Once I had taken some measurements (which I’ll cover in the next post), the last step was to move the desks and tables out of the corner so I could start over.


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