Home Office Reorganization – Introduction

July 6, 2008

While I have rarely actually worked from home (meaning my day job), the corner of our basement that had been my office was put to great use in the evenings and weekends the first year we were in this house.  However, over the last year I had begun to use it less and less frequently, opting to set my laptop up at the dining room table on the main floor to take advantage of the spring and fall breezes and the summer sun.

A new project that will be starting in January demanded that I give up the corner of the dining room table, and return to my subterranean retreat for work-at-home.  That meant some changes were in order – changes that I’ve been contemplating for the last couple of weeks.  Since I was on vacation this past week, I felt the time was right to tackle this project.  Here is what I started with:

BeginningLeft        BeginningRight

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve seen offices that started out in FAR worse shape than this, but the point is that it wasn’t functional anymore.  All of the desktop surfaces were covered in stuff that didn’t need to be there, and the desk arrangement put me facing the corner which I’ve grown to dislike working in cube-ville.

I started by looking at some similar projects documented by some other bloggers: Scott Hanselman, Jenny Crusie, and Ryan Bliss (I have not found a publicly accessible link for this page, so you will need a subscription to DigitalBlasphemy.com to see this one; the main inspiration I took from this was that Ryan’s main desk doesn’t butt up against a wall like mine does in the above pictures).

I also made a decision that I would keep this as close to a $0 project as I possibly could.  I felt I had enough furniture to do what I wanted, I just needed to clean it up and organize it differently.

The next four posts will describe how I went about this, the decisions I made, and the things I couldn’t get to for one reason or another.  I’ve been able to break in the new arrangement with some work on “Alina’s Gambit”, as well as some blog posts (like this one), and so far I’m very happy with how the new office is working out.


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