The Dangers of a Well-Read First Grader

July 5, 2008

My wife, my nearly-6-year-old daughter, and I were having dinner with my brother and his fiancé.  When the meal was wrapping up, my wife asked my daughter to take her plate, cup, and silverware into the kitchen to be cleaned.  Now, this is a well-established rule in our house – we all police our own dishes after a meal, but sometimes my daughter is sometimes given to a little “push back”.  Normally the push back is phrased something along the lines of “Aw, come on.  I don’t wanna clean up my plate.” (insert whine here)

This particular dinner, however, she managed to come up with a new way to phrase her complaint.

“Come on Mom.  You need to show a little compassion!”

After the adults picked themselves off the floor, and the riotous laughter died down, my daughter reluctantly carried her dishes into the kitchen.


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