TheNovel Update

May 26, 2008

We are just shy of 62,000 words (a boundary I expect to cross later this evening).

I’m beginning to notice something interesting.  The scenes that I find fun to re-read were a blast to write in the first place.  For those scenes, I wrote and wrote and wrote and when I looked up I realized I had cranked out four pages or more – all without realizing how much I had written.  I’m wondering if more of the book should be that way.  I wonder if I find myself continuing glancing down the page to see where the end is, then I’m obviously not having enough fun doing the writing, so perhaps whatever it is I’m writing is bad.

The other extreme, though – having a story that never slows down – is definitely bad.  For example, the movie Armageddon wasn’t really a movie.  It was a 150-minute action sequence.  I always thought the more action you could cram into an action/comedy, the better.  After 1998 (yes “Armageddon” really is that old), I found that you can actually have TOO much action.  (Oddly enough I have yet to stumble onto a movie with TOO much comedy.)

I’m not willing to change how I approach the novel at this point, mostly because I still don’t really know what I’m doing.  I’m just writing the story how it seems to work.  I do intend to look at how the book turns out, and see if the parts that I considered “slow” wind up being the parts my wife and I revise heavily.


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