It’s all becoming clear

April 21, 2008

In software development – my current profession – the term “meta data” refers to data about data.  For instance, if you have an record in a database for a product that you sell, you might have fields like “product name”, “category”, “list price”, and so on.  That is the “data”.  You might also have fields attached to this record for “last updated by” and “last updated on”.  This is the “meta data” since it’s really data about the product data.

When I started this blog, my goal was to write about my experiences writing TheNovel, hence the title “Meta Writing” – it’s writing about writing.  I’m coming up on the 1-year mark for the “writing blog” (I originally started writing at http://allmarkmoment.blogspot.com/ on June 1, 2007, but switched over to WordPress in July so I could consolidate my technical and writing blogs in one spot).  As I look back, I’ve noticed an interesting series forming.  I’ve written several posts now that compare some aspect of software development to writing fiction.  Posts such as “Regrouping“, “Left Brain, Right Brain, and Music“, and “Priority Management” all draw on my experiences as a software developer and my observations of writing.  This is an interesting enough niche that I think I will be changing the blog’s focus to that.

The “Best Posts” series will continue and I will still post regular updates on TheNovel, but I will now be looking harder for material that can cross over from software development to fiction (and perhaps vice versa).


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