DVR Field Test

April 7, 2008

For my most recent birthday I treated myself to a digital voice recorder.  I had some experience using a digital recorder before, and became quite addicted to it.  I found myself recording entire meetings, and only writing down the minute/second marks where something particularly important was said.  Since the entire conversation was captured, and I could download it to my laptop for longer-term storage, I could listen to it as many times as I needed to.  I no longer felt the need to transcribe the entire meeting.

For TheNovel, the car-trip-turned-editing-session is becoming a regular occurrence for my wife and I.  Once again I found myself desperately trying to write down every headwater and tributary of the stream of consciousness that our car rides were becoming.  This past weekend though, armed with a new Olympus DS-30, we felt free to talk through several points of the story and I wasn’t distracted or limited by what I could write down.  I was a little worried that the ambient car noise would drown out our voices, but the recorder did a superb job – we’re both quite audible on the recordings (I have to stop myself from saying “on the tape”).  It was well worth the money.


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