Time Travel and "Alina’s Gambit"

March 20, 2008

We’ve been making adequate progress on TheNovel these last couple of weeks.  TheNovel has now cleared the 50,000 word mark, which was quite a thrill.  We’re somewhere between a third and a half of the way through the story being told, so the final first draft should end up being between 100,000 and 150,000 words.  I’ve already been making some mental notes of areas that I think are dragging on too long, so I’m sure that will get cut down somewhat.

We have a list of things in previous chapters that need some additional attention, and I made myself promise that I would go back and tidy those items up before continuing on.  That will take up at least the next week’s writing, I’m sure.

We also came up with a tentative title for TheNovel a while back – “Alina’s Gambit”.  The title came from the first half of the climax of the story.  While I think it would make a great chapter title, we hadn’t planned on titling the chapters, so CJ thought it might be a good title for the book overall.  It doesn’t really give away anything about the plot or the ending, it sounds halfway decent, and it tells you who the book is primarily about – our protagonist, Alina.  I have to admit, it is growing on me.


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