February 9, 2008

I’ve cleared 44,000 words now, but this week has been a real challenge to make time to write.  I’ve had several other things come up that have required my attention, but to be brutally honest they were convenient excuses.  The truth is that I got to a point in the story that I hadn’t thought through as clearly as the chapters before, and so putting words to screen was much more difficult.  I didn’t want to simply jump in and figure it out as I go.  I wanted to work out at least an outline of what I wanted to say, what scenes I needed to write, and so on.  Tonight’s writing session ended up being just that.  I finally figured out how to move past the hill I was facing and I was able to put those notes down.  I should be able to pick up the writing again on Monday.

With software development (my full-time gig), I am much more comfortable with the “jump in and figure it out as I go” approach.  In that realm, being handed a less than detailed (or even internally contradictory) specification and be expected to figure out the details as I go is considered normal.  That comfort level most likely comes as the result of more than a dozen years doing it professionally.  When I’ve been a professional writer for that long, will I be able to jump in and figure it out as I go?

Maybe.  Until then, however, I’ll stick to what seems to have been working up until this point: logic out the framework ahead of time, and then build on that skeleton.  With that in mind, tonight wasn’t a complete loss.  In fact, I view it as a necessary regrouping session.

Taking a step back, perhaps what I should be doing is spending my Saturday nights working out the details for the coming week, and then I can plow through those points during the week.

I know what you’re thinking.  That sounds too much like “good forethought” to me, too.


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