Best Post for Week of 2/2/2008

February 4, 2008

I actually have two “best posts” this week, but they are in slightly different categories.

The first is in the “most significant” category, and that is Microsoft making the gi-normous bid for Yahoo! of $44 billion.  I read several posts on this last week, but the one that really caught my attention – specifically my funny bone – was “Microhoo! What does it mean for users?“.  I just love the blending of the two names, and it sounds so much better than Yacrosoft.  (I know, I know – the latter would only really make sense if it were Yahoo! bidding for Microsoft)

The second is clearly in the “amusing” category.  Product Designer Wooteik Lim has come up with a “Secret Hole” scale that hides the weight readout under your feet when you stand on it, forcing you to move your feet slightly to actually see it.  My question is this: If you never move your feet to see the weight, does the weight really exist?


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