A “Rose” by any other name (might be a “Judy”)

November 7, 2007

As my previous post explains, a road trip to visit family resulted in a good amount of restructuring in the story.  One of the other, smaller, points that my wife and I discussed were character names.  Most of the characters can trace their names back to http://www.BabyCenter.com.  A couple of them were originals that I came up with, or were modifications of ones that I found on BabyCenter.  To my great amusement, I found that one of the character’s names, Busana, struck a chord with my wife.

A very flat chord.

In coming up with a new name for Busana, I found that most of the female characters I had selected for the story, and the majority of the names that I plucked out of BabyCenter ended in “a”.  On my initial pass through the lists, I selected names that I thought sounded exotic, and rare for the United States (where I live).  For whatever reason, to my ears, “names-that-end-in-‘a’ ” were exotic. 

So, this evening, to avoid having my female names all rhyme with each other, I set out through BabyCenter again to find names that specifically DIDN’T end in “a”.  It was the result of this second pass that the villain “Busana” became the villain “Keelin”.  (Don’t worry, this really isn’t a spoiler; I hope that most readers will figure out within a couple pages of Keelin’s introduction that she isn’t on the same side as the protagonist, Alina).

Thus far my male character names seemed to have escaped this fate, and exhibit a fair amount of variety in their final syllables.

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