2 down; a bunch to go

August 16, 2007

I put the finishing touches on the first draft of Chapter 2 this evening.  I know that “finishing touches on a draft” sounds paradoxical, but I can finally say that everything I wanted in those first two chapters is in there.  Of course, I possess the uncanny ability to have all the right pieces in whatever I’m writing, but have them organized them in the wrong order the first time around.

The page count for TheNovel was, at its peak, 37.  Then I let the air out.

I had been double spacing everything for clarity, but I started to get the feeling that a page in MS Word at that spacing was not the same as a page in (what I think) will be the printed book.  As a test, I grabbed a novel that I think will be the same size, and copied it into MS Word using TheNovel’s spacing.  Sure enough, when I got done with the page from the book, I was looking at about 1 1/3 pages in Word.  So, I shrank the line spacing to 1.5, and shrunk the margins to 1/2″ on each side, and that allowed the text to fit snugly onto a single page in Word.

Then I applied that formatting to TheNovel.  The page count went from 37 to just barely 26.  Ok, 27 if you count that I have the title “Chapter 3” on the last page already.  Woo-hoo.

*Sniff*   *Sniff*

I’ll miss those 11 pages, but at least now what I’m laying down on the virtual paper jives with what I was picturing in my mind for the final product.


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