Change in plans

July 28, 2007

When I embarked on this great adventure, I thought my best time to write would be in the morning.  I’ve always seemed more alert during the morning hours, and I’ve usually done my best programming then, so I naturally thought that would be the best time to write.

If nothing else, this week has shown me that I was dead wrong.  I found that the evening hours have been the best time to write.  TheNovel is now a hair-past 12 pages in length, and 3/4 of that has been written after 7pm.  Apparently, writing requires different mental muscles than programming does.  It probably shouldn’t surprise me, but it does.

I also found that afternoons are just as bad for writing as they are for programming.  I’ve known for years that between 1pm and 4pm are the lowest mental points of my day, so I try to schedule afternoon meetings where I am the leader/facilitator, or the time when I run errands.  If I’m at work trying to program during that period, I usually don’t get a whole lot done, or at least not without a lot of getting up and walking around to wake myself up.  This past week I tried once to write during that block, and ended up falling asleep in my chair.  I woke up finding that I had hooked the SPACE bar with my thumb, and had now added thousands of spaces to TheNovel.  Uh, the protagonist fell asleep, Mr. Editor, and I was just describing what the silence sounded like; yeah, yeah, that’s it.

All of this bodes pretty well for writing after this week, though.  I tend to find more time for my hobbies after I get home from work, and the world has quieted down a bit.  It will probably be easier to contentrate on writing when I have my pillow waiting for me, than a stack of email and a couple of fires to weed through at work.

I’ve also started re-reading one of my favorite series – “The Sword of Truth” by Terry Goodkind.  The 11th and final book in the series is set to be released this year, so I’m going through them again to refresh my memory.  The first book was fantastically written, and to my knowledge it was his first work which makes it all the more incredible.


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