New digs; 3 pages done; now what?

July 22, 2007

Here I am at WordPress!  I recently discontinued my original blog at Blogspot (http://allmarkmoment.blogspot.com/) because I decided to change the name.  Hopefully, my blog-name-fickleness will settle down, and I will be here for a while.

Today was the first full day of my week-long vacation-and-self-induced-writing-camp, but of course I couldn’t wait to get started, and so I cranked out the first 3 pages of TheNovel.  It was a bit of a challenge to just keep writing, and not also revise what I had just laid down on the virtual-paper.  Even if I think what I just wrote is crap, I want to get it down, and let it sit (ferment? rot?) for a while.  Then, when I come back to it days or weeks later, I can evaluate it with a fresher eye.

I also started thinking about what “daily success” would look like for me.  I have a family, a day job, and several other things I’m involved in.  Writing, at least for the next several months, will have to be fit in and around those commitments.  Me being me, I need to have something pushing me so that I don’t get lazy and let progress on TheNovel slide.  Since I don’t have a publisher yet clambering for a draft of the manuscript, I’ll have to settle for something self-imposed.  What I’ve been toying with is that I need to commit to writing some number of pages every day.  It’s OK if I get in a groove and write more, but I need to have some minimum in place.  As much as I don’t like to admit it, I do work better with some pressure.

So, the next question becomes – how many pages in a typical day do I think I can crank out?  I follow a handful of other authors’ blogs, and one in particular is Laurell K. Hamilton (http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org).  When she’s working on a new book or novela (which seems to be always), she frequently posts how many pages she was able to write in a given day, and it’s usually in the double digits.  I don’t think that’s realistic for me, at least not while I’m doing this as a hobby.  I think I’ll stick with something closer to 2-3 pages a day, and see how that goes.


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